Caring for you at home

Our Vision

IHA takes pride in caring for you with a holistic approach to your individual care needs.
We believe all our participants are unique and hence their care should be too. We listen to you and empower you to have more choices and control over how you are cared for.
Our focus is to create a rounded goal-oriented program tailored to the distinctive needs of each individual who seeks our services and supports them to achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

"Caring for you at home"

Our Values

Choice and Control over care.
Inclusiveness and Diversity.
Empowering clients to fulfil their goals.
Empathy and Compassion.
Honesty and Communication.
Privacy and Confidentiality.
Safe working environment.
Providing a quality and flexible service.

Cultural Sensitivity

IHA understands the importance of cultural sensitivity when it comes to your care and needs.
We know that people benefit the most when cared for in a culturally safe environment and as such we provide care consistent with your personal beliefs and values.
We provide care across metropolitan Melbourne and our team consists of a vast range of ethnic backgrounds and languages.
We endeavour to match you with a carer who can provide you care in a culturally sensitive manner.

Our Eco-friendly approach
and technology

IHA is proud to be contributing towards a greener world. We are continuously updating our business practices to align with our eco-friendly values by transforming to a paperless business module through the use of a smart phone application.
Our state-of-the-art smart phone application, ‘TACVE’, uses a GPS based clock-in and out function, reassuring the punctuality of our carers. TACVE is a user-friendly application making it accessible for all participants at any time or place. (around-the-clock).
Our easy to use app allows users to provide instant feedback, access care notes, report incidents and access automated reminders and updates for both carers and clients.

Our Team

General Manager
(BVSc & AH, MSc (Hons)

Relationship Manager

Service Manager